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    Most of the people try to use simple and easy to remember password for emails, websites and social networking applications like facebook. This leaves them completely vulnerable to threats. Most of these people get hacked easily because they do not invest even a little time in their passwords.

    Here on this password generator you can create very secure and strong password for all your internet uses like facebook, or emails and many more that cannot be detected or compromised by any means. Yes, that is correct, It cannot be detected. You might ask, How is that possible?

    Its a simple technique. The characters on password table (on the left) is randomly generated every time on your system but not ours. And you do not get a password generated by a computer or script, you draw them. And, since you draw them on your system, there is no way for any hacker (or even us) to know what you are drawing or have drawn. As a result, this is one of the best and most secured password generators on the internet. Impressed?

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